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Master Shave – About Us

We are a family of professionals who together have over 60 years of corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial experience.
We have made it our goal to help elevate the experience of shaving. Much like women are elevated by the effects of an excellent make-up job, so does fine grooming elevate the man and helps frame his perspective of himself. When you look good…you feel good. And studies show that when you feel good, you do good.

Master Shave took the average and mundane, upgraded it, and packaged it so elegantly that it can be accompanied by champagne and candlelight.

That’s Master Shave Gifting — an avenue for anyone who has a special someone in their life (husband, father, son, brother, uncle, significant other) to give an impressive and well-crafted instrument they can truly appreciate and use.

There are two things that are timeless: great advice and the appeal of a well-groomed man.”– Anonymous

Master Shave – About Others

We realize that we can grow our business and at the same time assist others. Master Shave partners with and supports charities who provide needed services to improve the human condition.

Master Shave — the for‑profit company with a heart for non‑profits.


Our Partners

Medical Research Charities
MRC’s mission is to support the discovery of successful treatments and cures for some of life’s most dreaded diseases.